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     Table of Contents Chapter 33 33.15.4 Substantivation without preposition
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Chapter 33: Participles, Gerund and Infinitive constructions

  33.15.4 Substantivation without preposition

Infinitives can also be substantivated without any preposition, just add an article and the noun is done. The same principle is possible with many English verbs with the principle article + verb + ing.

  Das Züchten von genmanipuliertem Mais wird kontrovers diskutiert.
  = The growing of gen-manipulated mais is discussed controversially.
  Das Aufeinanderprallen zweier Kulturen ist bei vorhandener Intelligenz ein bereichernder Prozess.
  = Assuming a certain intelligence the meeting of two cultures is an enriching process.
  Das Gießen der Pflanzen war seine Aufgabe.
  = Watering plants was his task.