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     Table of Contents Chapter 31 31.7.2 Exercise 2:
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Chapter 31: Comparative and superlative

  31.7.2 Exercise 2:

  Change these phrases
Er war nett.
  = He was nice.  
  He was the nices of them all.

  Sie war elegant.
  = She was elegant.
  She was the most elegant of them all.
  Wir waren glücklich.
  = We were happy.
  We were the happiest of them all.
  Sie waren großzügig.
  = They were generous.
  They were the most generous of them all.
  Der Film war interessant.
  = The film was interesting.
  The film was the most interesting of them all.
  Dieser Winter war kalt.
  = This winter was cold.
  This winter was the coldest of the all.
  Der Strand war sauber.
  = The beach was clean.
  This beach was the cleanest of them all.
  Dieses Bild war schön.
  = This picture was beautiful.
  This picture was the most beautiful of them all.
  Diese Stadt ist groß.  
  = This city is big.
  This is the biggest city of them all.
  Dieser Kuchen ist süß.
  = This cake is sweet.
  This cake is the sweetest.