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     Table of Contents Chapter 31 31.7.1 Exercise 1
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Chapter 31: Comparative and superlative

  31.7.1 Exercise 1:

  Change these phrases
Du sprichst laut.
  = You speak loud.  
  You can speak louder.
  Du schreibst schnell.
  = You write fast.
  You can write faster.
  Er isst viel.
  = He eats much.
  He can eat more.
  Er verdient viel.
  = He earns much.
  He can earn more.
  Sie kochen gut.
  = They cook well.
  They can cook better.
  Er kauft es billig.
  = He buys it cheap.
  He can buy it cheaper.
  Ihr seid höflich.
  = You are polite.
  You can be more polite.