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     Table of Contents Chapter 33 33.2 Present participle in German and English
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Chapter 33: Participles, Gerund and Infinitive constructions

  33.2 Present participle in German and English

  The present participle as an adverb or adjective

In German as well as in English the present participle can be used as an adverb or adjective.

Examples for adverbial use  
  Schreiend liefen sie durch die Straßen.
= Screaming they ran through the streets.
  Heulend erzählte sie mir, was passiert war.
= Crying she told me what had happened.

Examples for adjectival use  
  Rauchende Eltern sind eine Gefahr für ihre Kinder.
= Smoking parents are a danger for their children.
  Schlafende Hunde soll man nicht wecken.
= One should not wake up sleeping hounds.